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Founded in 2006, The Biodiversity Consultancy rapidly became a key player in the world of business and biodiversity through our practical and rigorous approach. We are based in Cambridge, UK, with a growing global presence. We also have members of the TBC team in Australia, France, Belgium, Colombia, France, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Africa. For roles and vacancies with The Biodiversity Consultancy please visit their site and take a look at their careers page. Vacancies are often listed with us too at and

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The Biodiversity Consultancy

Technical Director – Nature Solutions

£75,000-£85,000 plus profit-share bonus.
Technical Director – Nature-Based Solutions The purpose of this role is to support our clients and project developers who wish to develop and implement high-integrity nature-based solutions (NBS) – referring to biodiversity positive ...
England (East Anglia) - UK, Worldwide - Flexible - Worldwide,
Expires in 7 Day/s
The Biodiversity Consultancy


Clients retain us to  deliver solutions to emerging biodiversity challenges such as No Net Loss / Net Positive Impact and IFC PS6. We develop corporate and government policy; we follow through to programme design and development on the ...
England (East Anglia) - UK,
Expires in 9936 Day/s