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Sectors Terrestrial / Aquatic Ecology & Conservation
Location England (East Anglia) - UK
Company Name Biodiversity Consultancy (The)
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Directory Entry : Founded in 2006, The Biodiversity Consultancy rapidly became a key player in the world of business and biodiversity through our practical and rigorous approach. We are based in Cambridge, UK, with a growing global presence. We also have members of the TBC team in Australia, France, Belgium, Colombia, France, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Africa. For roles and vacancies with The Biodiversity Consultancy please visit their site and take a look at their careers page. Vacancies are often listed with us too at ww.environmentjobs.co.uk and www.environmentjobs.com
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Clients retain us to  deliver solutions to emerging biodiversity challenges such as No Net Loss / Net Positive Impact and IFC PS6. We develop corporate and government policy; we follow through to programme design and development on the ground; we design, develop and implement field programmes. Biodiversity offsets, relationships with Protected Areas and risk-based stakeholder engagement are our speciality. We build national staff capacity to run programmes we have initiated (Mongolia, Madagascar, Ghana) and intend to leave sustainable programmes operating after we leave. We work as long term in-house biodiversity advisors at both corporate levels and with projects / assets (Shell, Rio Tinto). We also work as lender’s and government advisors, to understand both sides of the fence.  We work with  partner NGOs and larger consultancy groups to deliver products for our clients.

The consultancy has a position within the rapidly growing field of business and biodiversity by providing analytical skills, networks and policy knowledge to levels not generally available within larger environmental consultancies. We exercise a due diligence process and only work with clients who demonstrate a real motivation for quality and leadership. Known for pragmatic intellectual leadership, we are a resource for problem solving and a platform for cross-sector engagement.

We have worked with both the IFC and EBRD in the development of their new environmental safeguards (IFC PS6 2012, EBRD PR6, forthcoming). We conducted the first field pilots of IFC PS6 2012 and delivered the first projects through financial close against these new lending requirements. We have developed dedicated expertise in quantitative, clear metrics for biodiversity, and this core capacity lays a foundation for several emerging business needs including measurement of gain and loss of biodiversity in impact assessment (metrics and currencies), offset design and monitoring / evaluation protocols.

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