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Bush Heritage is an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and partners with Aboriginal people, so we can protect our irreplaceable landscapes and our magnificent native species forever. There are close to 2,000 animals and plants on Australia’s threatened species list. Bush Heritage steps in where we’re needed most, protecting all species on our reserves. We respect, listen and learn from working side-by-side with Traditional Owners, and by working in partnerships with pastoralists and other organisations to have the most impact. For conservation and ecology jobs with Bush Heritage visit the website, or for other conservation jobs in Australia check out www.environmentjobs.com

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Bush Heritage Australia

Regional Reserves Manager, Victoria

This is an exceptional opportunity to make a very real contribution to the protection of Australia’s unique wildlife and their habitat. Bush Heritage Australia, an independent, leading conservation not-for-profit, is seeking a Reserve Manger ...
Australia (Victoria), Australasia
Expires in 14 Day/s
Bush Heritage Australia

DIRECTORY ENTRY: Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage is a national non-profit organisation that protects Australia’s unique animals, plants and their habitats. We do this by acquiring and managing land of outstanding conservation value, or by working in partnership with other ...
Australia (Victoria), Australasia
Expires in Day/s