Get that Wildlife Job!

Posted in June 2018

How that then? There is no magic wand Im afraid, it is the same in this specialism as it is in any other career. Get the right qualifications, get experience maybe at a voluntary level, take some courses directly applicable to your chosen path, maybe even try and get a species license if you can.

Importantly you have to identify what you want to specialise in, or not if you want to be a generalist, and then think of what an employer would want. If you were the employer what would you need from the person you are appointing?

Charities and government departments are not profits driven. This is important. It is not about the 'bottom line' - your time is not charged, you are not expected to make a profit for your time etc. This could mean a less pressurised role, and maybe not so client focused.

Working with private companies and consultants are essentially profits driven. The bottom line is servicing a clients needs and delivering on a project. Such roles may be as an ecological consultant etc.

Another day, another conservation and ecology job!!

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