Species climbing to new heights

Posted in August 2009

Growing numbers of wildlife have pushed northwards into Scotland from other parts of the UK and also to higher altitudes, according to experts.

Conservationists suspect climate change has allowed warmth-loving creatures - including snakes and dragonflies - to move into new regions.

However, a tiny spider and a snail face extinction amid higher temperatures.

RSPB Scotland also said research suggested bird behaviour and habitats risk being disrupted by climate change.

A "snakes and ladders-like" situation has emerged in Scotland, where some species have climbed further northwards while others slide towards being wiped out.

Amphibian and Reptile Groups of UK (ARG UK) reported grass snakes have moved from England into southern Scotland.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) lists the snake as only being found where it has escaped or been released from captivity.


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