The Green Economy and Job Creation: Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Posted in September 2020

An Interesting US based study of real interest. We would like to know if there is any similsr study done in the UK too?

Here is some of the introduction...

Two relevant drivers converge to spur the current green economy in the United States-a desire to grow the economywith new technologyafter the great recession of 2009,and the mounting necessity to address the issues of a changing climate. Global efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change are underway,with mixed levels of support and success.

The U.S. Congress enacted legislation in 2007 and 2009 that included significant funding to promote green jobs. As thiseconomy growsin the United States alongside increased efforts to address climate change, people with disabilitiesare a segment of the workforce that ought to have equitable access to the emerging employment opportunitiesproduced at the nexus of theseefforts. People with disabilities live throughout the United States (Figure 1), inhabitingboth rural areas and oncevibrantindustrial and manufacturing locations. The demand for green jobs exists across the nation; from retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient,to production of renewable energy components for solar and wind development(Kopicki and Cleary, 2009). People with disabilitiescan be powerful allies in the revitalization and economic development of their communitiesasthe green jobs employment sector grows.

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