Policy brief March 2015 Looking for green jobs: the impact of green growth on employment - a 2015 report

Posted in July 2020

Although obviously dated, this 2015 report offers some interesting information, and now five years later it stands as a good tool to provide guide to what was actually achieved, or is achieveable.

Here is the LSE Exec Summary...

There are many claims and counter-claims about whether green growth creates or destroys jobs. But fully assessing the consequences of environmental policies for employment presents a considerable challenge, and at present it is not possible for policy-makers to assess conflicting claims about the quality and quantity of green jobs that have already been created, or may be created in the future. One approach would be to focus on changes in employment in industries that provide environmental goods and services. Another would be to count the jobs created when firms adopt technologies with less environmental impact and switch to less polluting inputs, regardless of their primary outputs. Both approaches can be helpful for assessing the direct impact on jobs and the scale of structural change required by the transition to green growth.....


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