Green Jobs: Progress Report 2014-2015

Posted in July 2020

As part of our eim to collate as many news items on green and environmental jobs, here is an excellent article from the International Labour Organisation at

Here is just an extract of the article but you can acces the full article from their site....

The extent to which a green job benefits the
environment and upholds decent work conditions can vary considerably. The shades of
green concept acknowledges and represents
this by depicting the decency and environmental friendliness of a green job along a green colour spectrum.

Jobs related to reactive and remedial measures
to control pollution and waste, often referred to
as “end-of-pipe” strategies, fall on the lighter
end of the spectrum. Job positions related to
more comprehensive measures to avoid and
prevent the generation of pollution fall on the
darker end of the spectrum.

Similarly, jobs in enterprises that only meet the
minimum national labour standards are “light”
green, while jobs in enterprises that provide
additional social benefits for workers, such as
maternity protection, are “dark” green.

The more a job or enterprise minimizes waste
and pollution, increases material and energy
efficiency, and protects and provides social
benefits to workers, the darker it features on
the colour spectrum and the more it contributes to a sustainable future.

Light green activities have an important role to
play in the overall process of greening economies: they can provide the time and flexibility
required to pursue the “dark green” initiatives
necessary for long-term environmental sustainability and social progress.

Countries at different stages of development
have varied capacity to implement the types of
changes that are necessary to green jobs and
economic activities. The national context must
therefore be taken into account when determining the shade of green of a particular job.

Improving the environmental and social conditions of jobs, enterprises, industries and economies is a continuous process. Achieving jobs
that are fully decent and green is the ultimate

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