Food, Farming and Environmental Jobs

Posted in June 2020

Interesting today that there should be two very high level roles in farming and the environment. One is with Garden Organic in Coventry who are looking for a Director of Organic Horticulture. Interestingly, we also spotted a role listed elsewhere with the UK based Soil Association who were looking for a Marketing, Brand Professional for the organic labelelling standard they use on cosmetics etc. Could it be that during this unusual time, these organisations are looking to try and bring organic forming / organic living back into the forefront of peoples the boom of this sector around 10 years ago.

The second role mentioned, is with The Good Food Institute Europe (Belgium) who are looking to fill a vacancy for Head of Policy.

Farming, Food, Nature, Wildlife and ultimately the environment we live in all benefit from development and public attitudes to this. Hopefully there could once again be a boom in this area of green jobs?

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