What is an Ecologist? By Birmingham University

Posted in June 2020

Here is a really useful article from Birmingham University....

What is an ecologist?

Ecologists are concerned with ecosystems as a whole, the abundance and distribution of organisms (people, plants, animals), and the relationships between organisms and their environment. They usually specializein a particular area, such as freshwater, marine, terrestrial, fauna or flora and carry out a range of related tasks.

When starting out, ecologists often conduct surveys to identify, record, and monitor species and their habitats. Career progression can lead to broader duties with potential to get involved in policy and management work.

What will I do?

The duties of an ecologist can vary, depending on the employer for whom you work, the species on which you focus, the nature of the project(s) for which you are responsible and the requirements of the customer, amongst other factors. However, some typical responsibilities include:

•conducting field surveys to collect biological information about the numbers and distribution of organisms -this may be for a database such as the National Biodiversity Network (NBN)
•carryingout taxonomy -the classification of organisms•applying sampling strategies and employinga range of habitat survey techniques•carryingout environmental impact assessments•analysingand interpret data, using specialist software programs
•workingon habitat management and creation
•writingreports and issue recommendations
•liaisingwithand advisingsite managers, engineers, planners and others associated with a survey
•buildingrelationships with stakeholders, including members of the public
•undertaking out research•teaching in schools or field centres•keepingup to date with and contributing to new environmental policies and legislation

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