Jobs in Climate Change and the illegal wildlife trade (ivory) and tiger conservation

Posted in July 2018

Some incredible opportunities being advertised this week.

Relating to Climate Change, Climate Analytics in Berlin are looking to fill a vacancy for a Team Leader Climate Policy and Energy Transformation.

The Inter-American Development Bank of Washington DC are looking to fill two roles that are related to climate and Finance.

Also in the US, Virginia, Conservation International are looking to fill a role combining conservation and climate change - Senior Director, Nature Based Climate Mitigation.

However, certainly the most unique opportunities this week are related to wildlife. The WWF are looking to recruit two roles that are both at the heart of the wildlife trade.

The Eastern Plains Tiger Reintroduction Leader is a re-advertised role based in Cambodia.

This incredible opportunity, Director, Global Coordination, Closing Asia's Ivory Market Initiative, is based in Beijing.

Another week, more climate change, wildlife, conservation and environmental jobs!

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