Environment Jobs for the Future...what should i study?

Posted in June 2018

Not so long ago if you studied for ecology you would have had trouble finding a job, but then the european union created rules that meant every large construction project had to have an environmental impact asssessment carried out.

No longer could bats, newts, birds and plants be buried under a mountain of rubble or earth. Or displaced and their habitat destroyed.

The ecologist was suddenly in demand! Bug business contracted them, and then employed them....devoting entire departments to this area.

And today, just the same this is happening in marine ecology. Just a few years ago there were only ever a handful of jobs...but sudddenly eveyone is alarmed seeing turtles with q tips up their nostrils! And the mountain of plastic in the pacific is getting a few clicks too.

Suddenly there are many more jobs being created in this area....and I hope it continues!

Another day...another marine ecoogy job!


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