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Summer Internship at CIC energiGUNE

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Sectors Sustainability, Climate, CSR, EMS
Type Temporary / Contract / Seasonal
Status Full Time
Level Voluntary & Interns
Deadline 15/05/2015
Company Name CIC energiGUNE
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CIC energiGUNE is now offering Summer Internship in the field of electrochemical energy storage (EES) at our facilities.

1.    Project: Low cost and high energy density oxide as cathode for Na-ion batteries.


This project will focus on the study of the family of materials presenting the best performance as Na-ion battery cathodes, aiming at identifying materials with performance beyond state of the art and understanding the mechanisms of this performance.

The experimental work will involve:

- Synthesis through solid state reaction route.

- Basic characterizations (XRD, EDX and/or ICP) to check purity and SEM to control  particle size and electrode material morphology.

- Electrode preparation (slurry casting method to mimic the industrial process).

- Electrochemical tests to measure the performance.

- Depending on student background and performance: possibly one or two more advanced characterizations (magnetization, impedance spectroscopy, advance electrochemical techniques such as GITT/PITT) in order to get some insight into the explanation of the performance observed.

Student profile: with strong background in materials science, solid state chemistry and/or solid state physics. Knowledge in electrochemistry is a bonus but not compulsory.


2.       Project: Novel concept of solid state LI-S BATTERIES with hybrid electrolyte.

PEO-based polymer electrolyte and Lithium Phosphorous Sulfide (LPS) - Li3PS4 ceramic electrolyte have been studied in Li-S batteries respectively, which have shown promising results. Moreover, they are both commercially available. Therefore, these are the chosen materials for the study of novel architectures for hybrid Li-S cells. To compare the result of LPS as active ceramic filler in the PEO-based polymer matrix, the most commonly studied inactive ceramic filler Al2O3 will be used as well in the PEO-based polymer matrix.

The task of this project during the summer internship will focus on:

Ø  Preparation of the hybrid electrolytes, both PEO+LPS and PEO+Al2O3 (weeks 1-4). 

Ø  Physical characterization of the prepared hybrid electrolytes by XRD, DSC EDS and SEM (weeks 2-5)

Ø  Electrochemical characterization of prepared hybrid electrolytes by AC Impedance at various T and galvanostatic cycling at different C-rate in Li-S batteries (weeks 3-8).

Student profile: final year students on Chemistry, Materials or Chemical engineering, Physics.


3.    Project: Sulfates As promising electrode materials for sodium ion batteries. 

The project will be focused on the synthesis of the NaxMy(SO4)z materials where M is considered as transition metal ( M= Fe, Ni, Mn, Ti etc.). The synthesized material will be characterized by X-rays diffraction and its properties will be analyzed by the electrochemical means. If successful in achieving the expected properties, material will be studied further to obtain the desirable properties.

Depending on the requirements various characterization tools can be utilized to analyze the properties of the materials such as SEM, DTA/TG, and NMR.

Student profile: final year students on Chemistry, Materials or Chemical engineering. 

Qué ofrecemos

The Internship

The Summer Internship is intended to provide newly graduated students the opportunity to acquire practical research experience prior to the start of a Master's Degree.

CIC energiGUNE will offer 3 grants for projects in EES area. Financial support will be 250€ / month of work. The applicants must commit at least 8-12 weeks to the project. Students who wish to continue their studies and complete a Master Thesis with us will be positively valued. 

Qué buscamos

Applications are open to final year university students in related areas: chemistry, materials science, engineering, etc., who wish to develop a career in research.

All applicants are invited to submit a detailed curriculum vitae and the academic record before 15th May 2015.

Please, attach CV and academic record in just one file.

Interviews will take place the 2nd and 3rd week of May.

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