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Provision of consultancy services to conduct an ecological assessment in the districts of Zahle, Rachaya, and West Bekaa.

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Sectors Terrestrial / Aquatic Ecology & Conservation
Location Lebanon - Asia & M East
Type Temporary / Contract / Seasonal
Status Full Time
Level Senior Level
Deadline 02/03/2017
Company Name UNDP
Contact Name Human Resources
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The Sustainable Land Management in the Qaraoun Catchment (SLMQ) Project aims at embedding sustainability considerations in land use planning and development activities in the Qaraoun Catchment. The project is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Environment in Lebanon. The project is intended to reshape land and natural resource management to (i) alleviate land degradation, (ii) maintain existing ecosystem services and (iii) improve livelihoods in the Qaraoun Catchment.
The project objectives will be achieved by developing institutional tools upstream at national level which will provide the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture as well as related agencies such as the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR), the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, the Bekaa Governorate, and District Administrations and Municipalities in the districts of Zahle, Rachaya, and West Bekaa with the know-how, means and mechanisms for promoting sustainable land use as in the best interest of the land owners, farmers and communities as well as the nation.
The implementation of the proposed project will have an immediate environmental benefit, through the increased management efficiency of arable land and rangelands and the expansion of the area under forests through land use plans, buffer zones, and riparian strips. It will also contribute to the restoration of natural productivity and conservation of the habitats of a number of plant and animal species and valuable ecosystems and will secure migratory bird pathways.
The basis for action at the local levels requires sound situational assessments among which an ecological assessment of districts of Zahle, Rachaya, and West Bekaa. Such assessment ought to build on available information supplemented as necessary to fill significant gaps relevant to achieving project objectives. The ecological assessment ought to validate key indicators that will serve as tracking tools for the relevant project outcomes throughout the project duration. It will also populate relevant information at the initiation, mid-term, and closure of the project, which will ultimately serve for impact monitoring and performance appraisal.



Duties and Responsibilities
  • General tasks

The consultant will work under the general guidance and supervision of the project manager and in coordination with the project staff to finalize the required consultancy framework. He/she shall develop an ecological assessment for the districts of Zahle, Rachaya, and West Bekaa.

  • Specific tasks

The consultant shall perform a desk review followed by field work to compile required information and produce the relevant analysis and recommendations. This assessment should be done three times during the project lifetime: beginning to set the baseline, mid-term to check on the progress and eventually suggest any realignment, and at the end of the project to ensure that all activities undertaken have met the targets set by the project document. The consultant shall perform among other, the following tasks:

Desk Review

  • Perform stocktaking of all biodiversity related publications and working documents related to the Qaraoun catchment and more specifically within the three districts of Zahle, Rachaya, and West Bekaa;
  • Review of biodiversity literature in Lebanon in general and as applicable to this project;
  • Build a preliminary database on the rangelands and forest species based on inventory done in the targeted area.

Methodology and work plan:

  • Develop a methodology of work for a representative rapid assessment (forest and rangelands) detailing all the parameters and measurements that will be performed during this exercise. The methodology selected should be in line with international best practice but based on applicability in the national content, cost-considerations of the project and the requirements of the project and donor (GEF);

Monitoring guidelines/IMP preparation:

  • Design an integrated monitoring plan (IMP) to be implemented over three years’ period in line with the project outputs and indicators; the plan shall include but not restricted to, the indicators and the tracking tools set by the project document related to both the forests and rangelands components;
  • Develop monitoring guidelines for future monitoring initiatives, in line with the IMP requirements.

Field work

  • In coordination with a GIS/remote sensing expert contracted through the project, validate acquired information to come up with a confirmed spatial analysis of forests fragmentation, distribution, rangelands and grazing routes;

Specific tasks related to forests:

  • Perform a rapid ecological assessment of vegetation communities and species composition, germination and regeneration capacity of the forests as per the methodology set and agreed upon with the project team in each of the three districts;
  • As part of the findings, provide recommendations on the selection of suitable afforestation/reforestations sites and corridors for intervention and advise on the respective list of species to be used (trees and lower strata);
  • Identify and map existing and potential forest services and related income generating activities that would support in the production of forest management plans;
  • Produce a report including all findings and data collected (i.e. inventories, surveys and analysis).

Specific tasks related to rangelands:

  • Perform a rapid ecological assessment of the rangelands in terms of vegetation communities and species composition (with a focus on forage species) and evaluate their productivity and their carrying capacity including biomass production;
  • Perform an exhaustive survey covering the districts of Rachaya and West Bekaa to determine the size and type of flocks and seasonality and their respective feed type and intake;
  • As part of the findings, advise on enrichment plantings on rangelands and identify species of interest taking into account their palatability, intake, digestibility, and nutrient content for future reseeding programs and modalities; The species proposed ought to take into account economic factors governing the sector;
  • Support in the selection of suited rangelands sites for intervention;
  • Produce a report including all findings and data collected (i.e. inventories, surveys and analysis).

All information gathered in raw and/or processed format are the sole property of UNDP.

For additional information, please refer to ANNEX I – Terms of Reference



Functional Competencies:

  • Knowledge, understanding, and practical implementation of survey methodology that demonstrates clear cognizance of technical;
  • social, and economic focal points associated with productive sectors, most importantly ecology and agriculture related sectors;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the current ecology and agriculture related productive sectors and governance issues in Lebanon;
  • Proficiency in the use of computer and related software;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks;
  • Strong organizational, coordination and report writing skills.

Corporate Competencies:

  • Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN’s values and ethical standards;
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UNDP;
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
  • Treats all people fairly without favoritism;
  • Fulfills all obligations to gender sensitivity and zero tolerance for sexual harassment.

Kindly refer to the Individual Consultant Procurement Notice and all related Annexes by visiting the below link:


Please make sure to submit all the requested documents/information; otherwise, your application will be considered incomplete


Required Skills and Experience

Academic Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in ecology, biodiversity or related fields. PhD is an additional asset.

Years of experience:

  • Minimum 10 years of experience in ecological and biodiversity assessments and/or related fields at a local and regional level;
  • Experience in providing quality comprehensive analytical reports.

Language requirements:

  • Good communication skills included proficiency in English Languages.

Kindly refer to the Individual Consultant Procurement Notice and all related Annexes by visiting the below link:


Please make sure to submit all the requested documents/information; otherwise, your application will be considered incomplete


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