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President, Campaign for Climate Leadership

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Sectors Sustainability, Climate, CSR, EMS
Location California - America North
Type Fixed Term and Permanent Roles
Status Full Time
Level Board & Executives
Company Name ClimateWorks
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Powerful progress has been made in the last decade in the fight against global climate change, one of the greatest threats facing humanity. Despite what one might hear through media and political commentary, climate change mitigation is one of the most successful global efforts in human history. Yet, we are not succeeding fast enough, and it’s essential to increase the pace of progress to secure the future of our planet and to reshape the global economy in ways that will deliver many lasting benefits, including stronger economies, greater food security, less population displacement and migration, and better public health.

Climate philanthropists stand at the forefront of innovation, risk-taking, policy advocacy, and investment in climate mitigation, and have a strong track record of delivering results. They also stand ready to amplify their impact, their voices, and their networks to mobilize a larger movement. Climate philanthropy is active, global, and collaborative, but it is not yet operating on a scale commensurate with the problem. A dramatic increase in climate mitigation philanthropy is needed beyond the current levels, which are estimated to be less than 1% of all foundation giving. There are an abundance of high-impact opportunities that could be pursued with new philanthropic resources. This is the motivation and vision that drives the Campaign for Climate Leadership (CCL)—a multibillion dollar, global fundraising initiative focused on solving climate change.

There are three core principles behind the Campaign for Climate Leadership:

  • To inspire vastly greater philanthropic investment in initiatives and activities that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CCL will work with global partners across issue areas to identify and create compelling funding opportunities and help donors invest in ways that are of interest to them.
  • To catalyze a broader movement in the global climate community by partnering with NGOs, multilaterals, and others to complement fundraising efforts already underway.
  • To engage philanthropists and partners who are champions for economic development, public health, biodiversity conservation, and other compelling and intersecting issues with climate change. CCL is committed to being expansive and inclusive and to finding ways to participate in a broader set of goals around social impact, recognizing that climate change has touchpoints with numerous other movements towards a healthier, just, and more sustainable planet......
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