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International Expert f - Pilot Project in Municipal Wastes Recovery, Recycling & Reuse

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Sectors Sustainability, Climate, CSR, EMS
Location Azerbaijan - Europe
Type Temporary / Contract / Seasonal
Status Full Time
Level Mid Level
Deadline 20/10/2011
Company Name UNDP
Contact Name Human Resources
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The Government of Azerbaijan has recently made waste management one of its priorities reflected in the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS). While the municipal solid waste management (MSWM) services generally may be better in Baku than in other urban and rural areas in the country, it appears that collection of municipal wastes is imperfect. Industrial, hazardous and medical wastes are co-disposed with municipal solid wastes (MSW) at uncontrolled disposal sites, where open burning of the waste is the norm rather than the exception, resulting in widespread littering, and in air, soil and water pollution that pose serious public health threats and environmental problems, which are constraints to sustainable development in Azerbaijan.
Until now the Project has undertaken the following actions and steps:
  • The team of local and International experts analyzed the existing legislation and prepared a report on the existing policy and policy tools. The Strategy of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle of SW have prepared. At the moment, with the help of international experts, the project team is finalizing the Drafts of Decision of CM on Incinerator and landfill and other proposals for improvement of the legislation, and strengthening of legal basis for economic incentives.
  • The team of local experts on municipal wastes has been formed and conducted detailed researches on per capita waste generation rate and waste composition.
  • Inventories of SWM have been conducted in the regions, country capacity and needs assessment in this field have been studied.
  • Prepared Review of existing data in the Statistical Committee and Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources on solid waste generation and content of waste in the country.
  • The laboratory analysis of pollutants concentration and content of wastes in Balakhani, Ismayilli and Sheki landfill areas, and also assessment of microbiological situation in all regional landfills were conducted.
  • Surveys to determine per capita domestic waste generation capacities were conducted in three locations throughout four seasons and the results have been summarized.
  • The questionnaires were prepared for the general population and for the policy-implementers to collect the respective data and to get feedback on the existing system from both the population and from those directly involved in the management of the SW. 
In addition to this project jointly implemented by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in partnership with UNDP, there are two more SWM-related projects, implemented by EU and UNDP. To look for possible overlap and coordination, the consultant will conduct a comparative analysis of UNDP and other 2 projects within the framework of current assignment.
One of the goals of the project is creation of Pilot Project on implementation of RRR-Strategy in local area of country and capacity building for its realisation.


Duties and Responsibilities

The Terms of Reference is designed for an international consultant who is expected to: jointly with the team of local experts develop plans for the execution of a Waste Plastics and paper Recovery, Reuse and Recycling Pilot Project at a location where sufficient plastic/paper wastes of differing types are currently disposed of in municipal landfills or illegal dumps. It is anticipated that the pilot project location will be in the near vicinity of Baku or one of its satellite towns. The current objective of the Plastic and paper Wastes Pilot Project is to:
  • Determine whether the type, volume, and distribution of plastic and paper wastes at Ismayilli – Gabala - Sheki or other large municipalities can support future commercial projects in Plastic/paper Waste RRR
  • Develop concept plans for the implementation of a Pilot Project that will demonstrate the feasibility of plastics/paper RRR in Azerbaijan, develop lessons learned that may be applied to commercialization of RRR-technology
  • Develop economic and regulatory requirements will allow  RRR-technology to be attractive to investors and stakeholders
Scope of the Assignment and Specific Duties:
While pursuing the above-mentioned objectives, the international consultant will carry out the following activities: 
  • Conduct a desk review of work to date, focusing on the status of Solid Waste Management in Azerbaijan and the improvement recommendations of the reports to date; and the outline of the planned Pilot Project
  • Review existing information regarding the volume, type, and location of wastes of plastic and paper that are currently being disposed of in municipal landfills, illegal dumps, or locally burned. Develop estimates of the volume, type and locations of plastic and paper wastes that might be collected and delivered to a pilot plant for RRR
  • Review candidate technologies for the management of MSW in the town of Ismayilli, prepare a recommendation to the SWMIP PIU regarding the best technology for the Pilot Project, considering cost, capacity, waste characteristics and other relevant factors
  • Assist the PIU and Project Manager in the selection of the pilot technology for Recycling of plastic and paper
  • Identify the requirements for implementation of the MSW technology at the pilot area
  • Develop a draft plan, schedule and budget for the pilot project
  • Develop the organizational, training and staffing requirements for sustainable operation of the pilot project beyond the end of the Pilot MSW Project term
  • Assess the feasibility, both technical and economic, for the development of a waste plastic RRR (recovery, recycling, reuse) pilot project that will demonstrate whether commercialization of such plants could attract investors; or would require government subsidy
  • Identify potential funding sources / investor sectors that might commercialize the waste plastics/paper pilot project or similar projects addressing RRR-technology
  • Identify potential uses for plastics/paper that result from the RRR process
  • Develop a comparison matrix (for further implementation) that evaluates the environmental, economic, and other factors of Waste Plastics/paper RRR vs. landfilling or incineration
  • Develop the organizational requirements for sustainable operation of the pilot project beyond the end of the Pilot Plastic/paper Waste Project term
  •  Provide recommendations to the team of the local experts on the scope of their future work
  •  Preparation of rules regulating terms and occasion between regional executive power, local office of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Recourses, communal services and other related organizations on solid waste management;
  •  Preparation of contract samples regulating relations between communal services and local people regarding solid waste management.
  • Preparation of contract samples between communal services offices and privet companies on solid waste reduction, recycle and re-use.
  • Preparation of regulation rules on tariffs and penalties for solid waste management in Ismayilli city.


The deliverable will consist of the mission report covering all above-mentioned objectives and following also above-mentioned activities.
Tentative schedule for deliverables by the consultant
The deliverables will include the following mission reports; first report covering items 1-3 in the Scope of the Assignment above; the second report covering items 4-13 no later than two months after the mission to Baku; and the third final report covering items 13-17 and submitted no later than four months after the mission to Baku .



  • Analytical thinking
  • Working in teams
  • Sharing knowledge and experience, communicating ideas and managing information flow
  • Planning, organizing and multi-tasking
  • Displaying cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Familiarity with the working environment and professional standards of international organizations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of English, knowledge of Russian and Azeri/Turkish will be an asset

Demonstrated commitment to UNDP’s mission, vision and values.

  • Displaying cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Strong team building skills, team management, strong time-management skills
  • Sharing knowledge and experience, communicating ideas and managing information flow.
  • Respond positively to feedback and differing points of view.
  • Planning, organizing and multi-tasking. Outstanding communication and presentation skills


Required Skills and Experience


  • Advanced degree in Environmental Science, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Economy or other relevant areas to the assignment


  • Experience in consultancy services for countries in transition and/or CIS countries;
  • Knowledge of Plastics/paper Reduction / Reuse / Recycling Strategies
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in Waste RRR-strategy
  • Experience in reduction of plastics usage, either through modern packaging concepts or shifts to other media (glass, paper, biosolids), or both
  • Familiarity with economics of plastics/paper recovery and collection; transportation; and reprocessing / reuse
  • Experience in developing programs for public acceptance of plastics/paper RRR, Incentive programs for participation, education on adverse effects of wastes on the environment and natural resources.
  • Previous experience in developing a pilot project for plastics/paper RRR commercialization would be an asset
Payment schedule
The payment terms for this assignment will be on a lump sum basis, with the following payment increments:
  • 20 % on mobilization to Baku and submittal of a project schedule / plan and the report.
  • 50 % on submittal of a draft report covering p. 4-13 in the Scope of the Assignment section, including development of a Pilot Plastics RRR plan for the selected suburb / region of Baku;
  • 30 % on the submittal of a Mission Report covering p. 13-17 in the Scope of the Assignment section and its acceptance by the Project Manager.
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