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Sectors Terrestrial / Aquatic Ecology & Conservation
Location District of Columbia - America North
Company Name Environmental Investigation Agency
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Fax (202) 986-8626
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Directory Entry : EIA undercover investigations expose transnational wildlife crime, with a focus on elephants, pangolins and tigers and forest crimes such as illegal logging and deforestation for cash crops such as palm oil. EIA work to safeguard global marine ecosystems by addressing the threats posed by plastic pollution, bycatch and commercial exploitation of whales, dolphins and porpoises and reduce the impact of climate change by campaigning to eliminate powerful refrigerant greenhouse gases, exposing related illicit trade and improving energy efficiency in the cooling sector. We use our findings in hard-hitting reports to campaign for improved governance and more effective enforcement. For jobs with the EIA visit their website. For more jobs in wildlife and ecology visit www.environmentjobs.com
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Founded to help save the whales and the African elephant, EIA has evolved into an action-oriented, research and intelligence driven organization that seeks to transform international trade and supply chains to protect Earth’s natural heritage.

EIA’s efforts to preserve the global climate and the natural world are based around three core campaigns:

  •  Forests for the World: works to expose illegal logging and transform supply chains in order to protect the world's forests, and the people, wildlife and global climate that depend on them.


  • Wildlife in Crisis: protects threatened species and their unique habitats by exposing illegal wildlife trade and mobilizing science to press for national and international conservation action.


  • HFCs: Super Greenhouse Gasesfocuses on phasing out, and ending illegal trade in, industrial gases that act as global warmers and deplete the Earth’s protective ozone layer.

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