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DIRECTORY ENTRY: Bat Conservation International’s (BCI)

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Sectors Terrestrial / Aquatic Ecology & Conservation
Location Texas - America North
Company Name Bat Conservation International (BCI)
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Bat Conservation International’s (BCI) mission is to conserve the world’s bats and their ecosystems in order to ensure a healthy planet. Based in Austin, Texas, BCI is devoted to conservation, education, and research initiatives involving bats and the ecosystems they serve. It was founded in 1982, as scientists around the world became concerned that bats essential to the balance of nature and human economies were in alarming decline. Under the founding guidance of Dr. Merlin Tuttle, an internationally recognized authority on bats, the organization has achieved unprecedented progress by emphasizing sustainable uses of natural resources that benefit both bats and people.

BCI now employs a staff of more than 30 biologists, educators, and administrators, supported by members in 65 countries. Its pioneering accomplishments have been featured on all major news networks in the United States, international wildlife documentaries, and in numerous prestigious books, magazines, newspapers, and websites worldwide, educating millions of people to appreciate bats as invaluable allies.

BCI's many educational achievements include major television documentaries, such as The Secret World of Bats, and award-winning exhibits that continue to reach millions of people each year. Its publications and audiovisual programs empower thousands of BCI members and collaborators to greatly extend the organization's philosophy and mission.

BCI’s conservation efforts have resulted in permanent protection for a majority of North America's most important remaining bat caves, saved millions of bats from being accidentally buried during mine safety closures, and led to the establishment of the first national park in U.S. history to protect a tropical rain forest. BCI has sponsored research documenting the key roles of bats in major ecosystems, supported training for graduate students in 55 countries, and trained hundreds of wildlife managers from more than 20 countries in bat management and conflict avoidance techniques.



Today, BCI is expanding its bat conservation goals, and through its growing worldwide partnerships, is multiplying the impact of every dollar invested. 76¢ of each dollar raised goes directly to fund conservation, education, and research that helps bats and the ecosystems that rely on them, a higher proportion than reported by seven of America’s 10 largest conservation organizations.

Much remains to be done as we educate an increasingly urbanized generation to appreciate and live in harmony with the natural world. BCI has shown that bats and people can live together in harmony with great mutual benefit. Furthermore, we have reestablished millions of bats, where without timely intervention there would now be few or none. Bats are an irreplaceable and invaluable natural resource that simply must be protected. Nevertheless, they still rank among the world's most misunderstood and endangered wildlife, hence BCI's continuing mission.

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