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Consultant to Map Existing Forest Platforms in Europe and Key Sources of Information for Forest Related Socio-environmental Risks

Reference   (Please mention Stopdodo/Environment Jobs in your application)
Sectors Sustainability, Climate, CSR, EMS
Location Sweden - Europe
Salary (Minimum)
Salary (Maximum)
Type Temporary / Contract / Seasonal
Status Part Time / Per Day
Level Mid Level
Deadline 15/03/2020
Company Name WWF Sweden
Contact Name Mauro Ciriminna
Telephone 00393200884900
Email mauro.ciriminna@wwf.se
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  1. 1.     Goal of the Service

WWF Sweden aims to hire a short-term consultant to conduct a research to

-        identify existing platforms dedicated to key forestry-related issues(e.g. climate adaptation, biodiversity conservation, etc.), , and classify them by relevance, topics, geographic scope, groups of stakeholders engaged, type of participation

-        provide recommendations to WWF and its partners on which platform is more impactful and should be engaged for participation and engagement.

-        provide recommendations on key sources of information and news, at regional and country level, on social and environmental risks in the forest sector in Europe.

  1. 2.     Background information

European forests are characterized by several cross-border landscape-level challenges that will have a great impact on the resilience of forest ecosystems and need to be addressed as soon as possible, such as forest disturbances and calamities, outbreaks of pests and deseases. At the same time, FSC National Risk Assessments developed in recent years show that several countries in Europe have some specific risk aspects, reflected by indicators with “specified risk”, particularly in the categories 1-2-3 of FSC Controlled Wood.

Many of these risks can hardly be mitigated at the stand or forest management levels, but require a broader approach involving several stakeholders (private sector, government, international organizations, NGOs and civil society) interested in working at the landscape or regional levels. At the same time, several movements, organziations, platforms and fora are being developed. Therefore, WWF considers vital to map and assess existing platforms, their relevance and what role should WWF and its partners play to solve major forest issues in Europe and beyond. At the same study, this study will investigate the best source of information (e.g. reports, database, indices) that provide updates on legal, social, and environmental risks.

  1. 3.     Methodology and activities

The study will be mainly based on desk review and may include interviews with WWF offices and its partners, other organizations, unions, associations, networks or platforms, national governments, EU institutions, among others.

In particular, it is expected that:

-        The consultant make desk research and conducts interviews and consultations, as appropriate, with relevant stakeholders, addressing both topics of the study – existing collaboration platforms and available sources of information on risks.

-        The consultant maps and assesses existing platforms and fora, providing classification/ranking (as agreed with WWF staff and Mondi) according to relevance, influence, credibility, rigour, geographic scope, and other criteria agreed during the study.

-        The consultant provides recommendations on participation to WWF and its partners, based on the developed classification/ranking.

-        The consultant identifies and evaluates key sources of information that allows WWF and its partners to identify and update geographic and supply chain risks relevant to responsible and sustainable wood fibre sourcing (a non-exhaustive list of key legal, social, and environmental issues will be provided by WWF and Mondi).

  1. 4.     Deliverables

-        A draft Workplan

-        A draft list of criteria and methodology to assess the platforms  and a list of planned interviewees and questions

-        A draft list of platforms identified and the results of the interviews

-        A draft list of available and recommended sources of information about risks , including selection and evaluation criteria/methodology

-        A draft Final Report and an online presentation

-        A Final report.

  1. 5.     Reporting
  • All deliverables listed above to be reviewed by WWF staff and Mondi
  • WWF staff and the consultant will arrange planning and evaluation calls, depending on the needs
  • WWF staff and its partners will provide feedback on the different draft deliverables
  • WWF staff and its partners will join some interviews, if possible and if applicable
  • WWF and its partners will review the final report and provide comments
  • The consultant will inform WWF on the status of deliverables, including timely communicate WWF on any issues/delays/challenges related to the tasks.
  • The consultant and WWF will discuss a possible extension of the contract if needed.
  1. 6.     Qualifications

-        At least 5 years of experience in forestry, forest certification, forests issues in Europe.

-        Wide experience/participation/knowlege in forest or environmental platforms and other similar fora

-        Proven experience in research on similar topics and a good network of relevant stakeholders in Europe and beyond

-        Fluent in English and another relevant European language

-        Good presentation and communication skills, organized and able to handle multiple deadlines under minimal supervision

  1. 7.     Application instructions

Companies and freelancers meeting the qualifications should submit proposals to Mauro Ciriminna, mauro.ciriminna@wwf.se

Proposals should include a one-page cover email stating relevant expertise, résumé (maximum 3 pages), and a brief proposal (2 pages maximum) including timeline and a budget by the 13 of March 2020.

  1. 8.     Payment

The payment and disbursement will follow WWF procedures and will be indicated in the contract



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