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Clean British Energy

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For almost 20 years I have published environmental career guides, magazines and green job websites and witnessed the growth of the renewables market.  Within a relatively short space of time, renewables have grown from a ‘hippy fad’ to become a feature of everyday life employing thousands of people in the UK.  And yet the UK  government does  not seem to be taking this opportunity to expand a sector that will become the key utility sector providing cheap, renewable, green energy.  By failing to invest in renewable energy R&D and infrastructure, the UK is in danger of falling further behind the market leaders (USA & China).  Ultimately we could find ourselves in the same energy deficit we are in now, reliant on buying our energy from countries that have had the foresight to invest and grow this sector.    

The UK government needs to phase out its reliance on fossil fuels and should not pursue nuclear energy.  If the government were to invest in just one niche area of renewables such as 'tidal energy' we could meet much of our energy requirements.  As 'Acre' a sustainability recruitment company  states  "We work closely with a tidal technology firm who have ramped recruitment up exponentially over the past two years. We know that their ambitions are to achieve annual sales of over a billion euros by 2025 and their level of investment suggests a commitment to doing so. Tidal technology has been advancing considerably over the past ten years. With the focus on wind energy this has passed many by, but tidal energy signifies a sleeping giant, representing exploitable power of at least 90GW according to sources (the equivalent of sixty EPR nuclear reactors)”. 

The UK has the chance now to grab global recognition as the worlds’ leader in renewable energy.  In turn this will enable the UK to become energy self-sufficient, a global leader in an industry that has longevity and of course will create thousands of jobs.  Join the campaign to promote clean, green, British energy at www.cleanbritishenergy.co.uk



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