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Azafady Conservation Programme

Reference ACP  (Please mention Stopdodo/Environment Jobs in your application)
Sectors Terrestrial / Aquatic Ecology & Conservation
Location Madagascar - Africa
Town/City Taolagnaro
Salary Additional Information Unpaid
Type Temporary / Contract / Seasonal
Status Part Time / Per Day
Level Voluntary & Interns
Deadline 04/11/2013
Company Name Azafady
Contact Name Joe
Telephone +44 (0)20 8960 6629
Fax +44 (0)20 8962 0126
Email info@azafady.org
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Azafady Conservation Programme

Azafady is a registered charity who, with the help of interns from around the world, steps off the beaten track to respond to the directly expressed and urgent needs of some of the most marginalised communities and most threatened environments in the world. Based in south east Madagascar Azafady has a broad range of environmental, humanitarian and sustainable livelihoods projects working alongside local communities, offering interns an unforgettable experience and the chance to work on the frontline of an international grassroots organisation. 




Situated off the east coast of Africa, Madagascar is one of the world’s top conservation priorities with some 80% of its animal and plant species found nowhere else on earth. However, while it may be environmentally rich, deforestation from slash-and-burn agriculture and other pressures threatens the local wildlife and with 77% of the population living on under $1.25 per day, access to education, health care and even safe drinking water is incredibly limited. Infant mortality is a horrendous 1 in 10 nationally - and as high as 4 in 10 in the extremely impoverished south east region of Anosy where Azafady is based. 


What does Azafady do?


For over 15 years, Azafady have worked with local organisations to help change these shocking statistics by ensuring our projects are both useful to and requested by the local people. Using specialist knowledge and an award winning team of experienced project leaders, whether you choose conservation, construction or sustainable livelihoods programmes, our placements offer you the opportunity to gain invaluable experience as a member of a grassroots organisation by being involved in all aspects of your project from the start. 


Who are the volunteer programmes suitable for?


If you are 18 or over and are interested in a career in conservation, development or international charity work, or just want the opportunity to be part of a team of likeminded individuals working towards a vital cause, a placement with Azafady is the ideal starting point. Our structured programmes allow you to develop existing abilities and learn new skills that can enrich your CV whether you want to pursue a career in conservation or community development, or want to take part in an international internship during a break from studying or work. 

In fact our programmes consistently prove to be THE vital stepping stone for those looking to launch their careers in the international development or conservation sectors. Previous Azafady volunteers have moved on to employment in international organisations such as the International Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières MSF and even the United Nations – not to mention Azafady itself! 


Your volunteer programme


Azafady’s placements are challenging but greatly rewarding and you can be sure that you will be an effective and valuable member of the project team from fundraising to working with local coordinators to achieve project aims. Your programme is all about practical learning; you’ll be encouraged throughout and given regular feedback on your development as you work towards your career or study goals. And it’s all done in the freedom of the outdoors, not sat in a lecture theatre - this is hands-on experience that will help you apply your existing knowledge to the real world and see how a leading-edge grassroots organisation operates. 


Azafady Conservation Programme


The loss of a hectare of natural habitat for flora and fauna in Madagascar would be counted amongst the greatest of losses to global biodiversity relative to a hectare lost anywhere in the world. Our conservation programme campsite is situated in a small community on the edge of the last remaining stands of littoral forest in south east Madagascar - an incredibly biodiverse yet greatly endangered environment. This exciting programme offers you the chance to participate in a variety of projects covering all aspects of conservation work. From lemur study to tree planting, environmental education to biodiversity research, you’ll be an active member of a team committed to preserving Madagascar’s unique wildlife and environment. By spending up to 10 weeks on the programme, you’ll gain an appreciation of Madagascar’s complex habitats and a real overview of the crucial factors involved in the conservation of biodiversity; living and working so closely with local communities, you’ll build up an understanding of the importance of working together with the local people in educational and practical efforts to conserve this beautiful region. 


Programme dates 

Dates for the Azafady Conservation Programme are in 2-week blocks, which can be combined up to the full 10 week programme. 



October - December


16th November - 29th November, 30th November - 13th December. 



January - March


4th January - 17th January, 18th January - 31st January, 1st February - 14th February, 15th February - 28th February, 1st March - 14th March 

Full 10 weeks would be from the 4th January - 14th March


April - June


5th April - 18th April, 19th April - 2nd May, 3rd May - 16th May, 17th May - 30th May, 31st May - 13th June 

Full 10 weeks would be from the 5th April - 13th June

July - September


5th July - 18th July, 19th July - 1st August, 2nd August - 15th August, 16th August - 29th August, 30th August - 12th September 

Full 10 weeks would be from the 5th July - 12th September



October - December


4th October - 17th October, 18th October - 31st October, 1st November - 14th November, 15th November - 28th November, 29th November - 12th December 

Full 10 weeks would be from the 4th October - 12th December


In order to participate in our programmes we ask volunteers to fundraise a minimum donation to the charity with the hands-on help of the UK team - £600 GBP for the first 2-weeks, £550 for the second 2-weeks and £500 for all subsequent 2-week blocks thereafter. Your total minimum donation would be due 3 weeks prior to the start of your programme. This is a direct charitable donation and as such we encourage volunteers to actively fundraise this with our help and resources, which also crucially raises awareness about Madagascar. We offer help and support in your fundraising including a substantial fundraising manual and resources such as raffle tickets, collection boxes, posters, the facility to set up an online fundraising page, and even a Lemur Suit. You can be sure that your donation is being invested into our projects in Madagascar, with 92% of all donations going directly towards the pursuit of our charitable aims.

Your donation will cover all travel costs during your projects, full training, three meals a day and a supply of clean drinking water, use of campsite facilities, orientation and language classes in Madagascar, and a dedicated team to guide you. Separately, volunteers need to cover their own pre-departure costs including flights, vaccinations and visa and a standard Country Registration fee of £95 paid to Azafady which is due 3-weeks before the beginning of your programme. The Registration fee covers all aspects of police and commune registration costs in Madagascar, as well as compulsory inclusion in Azafady’s comprehensive travel insurance policy. 




Frontline scientific and rural community driven conservation and research in one of the most threatened yet beautiful ecosystems in the world.


Duration: 2 - 10 weeks. Cost: £600 donation for the first 2 weeks, £550 for the second 2 weeks then £500 for any additional 2 week blocks thereafter (generated by fundraising and supported by Azafady), plus flights and a standard country registration fee (£95).

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